Spider in Moscow Square

This is the post excerpt.

Author: araalekyan

Ara Alekyan was born in Vedi Armenia August 9 1959. Education... Graduated from 1989 Moscow Fine Arts Academy. 1985 Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts 1979 Fine Art College after Terlemezian, Yerevan Ara Alekyan workes with different materials, but always loved working with metal. After the earthquake that left Armenia in ruins in 1988, varieties of rusted iron construction had arose out of the surface. It was the intense emotional moment that made Ara see his sculptures coming out of the corrode pieces shaped by the huge forces of Nature. Since then Sculptor Ara Alekyan is making majority of his sculptures from metal with no sketches all by himself. Ara loves animals , their ''fragile grace'' is his biggest passion, but it doesn't stop him from making other kinds of sculptures like ''The Little Poser'' , ''Queen and The King'', ''Jesus Christ'' and many more. Ara Alekyan's artworks are spread all over the world in private collections, museums or decorating public places in Armenia, Italy, Belgium, Russia, France, USA and Turkey. One of his sculptures ''Horses'' is included in the book ''200 Sculptures of Bruccels'' along with Renaissance masters like A. Maillol and A. Bourdelle. And in 2005 the film ''Born in Fire'' about his artwork won a Grand prize in Epona 2005 International Festival ,France. In 2002 his sculpture ''Rhinoceros'' won ''Best sculpture of the year'' prize.

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